Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Live & Let live!

All the blog posts focus on the girls and i happily continue bringing out this new post again “for the girls”. I know a few girls who regret being a girl. They believe the boys have all the fun and freedom. Still there are many who are having as much fun being a girl. The sole problem of being a girl is that, whatever you do, you are being watched. The intensions might be pure, but the observer takes it in a different angle. Be it in a school or college life, always a girl who is smart and active are likely to become a subject of discussion. On reading these statements, you might think am favouring all the girls. Definitely  no. Where there is a world of angels, the bitches coexist. They are the girls with zero social respect and the ones who flunked their basic moral science lesson. I would better not talk about them right now. We all know what all things come up while talking about a girl. The character, basic physique and almost everything comes up. It’s no crime admiring someone. There is no law forbidding commenting on any looks or character. So people tend to do  that  a lot. As a practice in Kerala, I have observed many hate girls wearing jeans. While in some parts of a country we find girls completely exposed else seen in tight clothing. The place where you live highly affects the way you carry yourself. The dressing and external appearance is the first thing a person notices about you. We always wonder why our parents force us to wear dresses of their choice. By the time we reach the end of our teenage, we tend to fill our wardrobe with the cloths of our choice. And most of them include the “type” of cloth in which we got maximum compliments. It’s a truth. Making friends is not a crime either. But there is a problem which affects the girls. Read the following excerpt and let me see how you interpret these two situations.
Beep in the phone.
Text message.
“Hai I would like to be your friend”
She:”Who is this”
Text message/
“I am your friend”
She:”Tell me who is this”
Text message
“My name is ********.I have seen you at the party. You look good. Can we be friends?”
She:”But i don’t even know you.”
Text message:
“It’s ok we can message and become friends.”
Beep in the phone.
Text message.
“Hai I would like to be your friend”
She puts the phone aside.
After sometime:
Text message.
“Hello are you there??”
She ignores as always.
Series of same text messages.
She puts her phone in silent and continues her work.
No more messages after some time.

In our society both category girls exist. Just think.! You might have tried to irritate your friends while taking a new sim. Do all the girls give you a same response?? The girl 1 just responded and the talk continues. May be it was a friend trying to fool her or maybe she was inviting a trouble for herself. But what can one do when the trouble is already invited?. And the girl 2 has something to teach you. Ignoring is the best thing one can do.
Similar situation is encountered in case of phone calls. I admit my mistake. When I used to give my numbers to every new friends i make. Even today I regret that phase and now I restrict giving my phone number. I hate the people  who pass on the phone number of girls without their permission.  It’s just not my case or my number. There are many facing the same situation. Finally the brothers or the boyfriends and in some extreme cases the family interferes in solving the issues arising due to mobile phones. Texting and calling friends is not a bad thing ever. Friendship is the best relation one has while in school and college days. But the undefined relation which one tries to build up via phone to an unseen person is the lamest thing to do. People blame the girls for being so. But the ones who pass on the numbers are equally wrong. I have changed my numbers and finally I feel happy coz I now have only the people I desire in my contacts. I have a phone from a not so reputed company. But the best thing I like about it is that I can block the numbers which i don’t want. The Nokia and Sony Ericson never provided me those. Well am not asking you to quit your phone to avoid the dumb calls, but try the ‘ignore’ option which you can do yourself. Never feel hesitated in seeking your parents help just because they might scold you for some reason. But basically they are the ones who can come up with the best solutions.
I spend time texting my friends and I never felt bad about it. Recently after coming back from a trip my mom tells me a tale. She was travelling via bus and the adjacent seat had 3 college guys. One among them was receiving text messages from some girl. She was perhaps indulged in casual talks. Enquiring  if he had lunch, if he studied or whatever. And the three guys had been reading it aloud,  making  unwanted  comments , taking turns and texting her. Mom doesn’t know who they were or where did they come from. But their actions reflected the respect they had for any girl. May be it was a casual fun for them. But the listener might not take it in a good sense. Just think about the girl, how she would feel if she came to know about this.
Another incident told by my friend while she was travelling in a long distance bus journey. There was a guy who kept on pestering a girl in an attempt to talk to her. Being a keen observer she was certain they were strangers. She sincerely hoped she would not respond. He began tapping her shoulders and kept on talking to her. Eventually the girl took a piece of paper, wrote her phone number and passed it to the guy. My friend was literally shocked. There are girls still who dare to shout scream or yell at anyone who come to them with any bad intension.
It’s not a problem with the girl’s character. It’s about lack of knowledge. They do not realise how bad a society and the people in it can be. The way a girl talks is the way to understand her character. Some are still a kid at heart. They go on blabbering just like a kid. They still need to learn  what  world is. You may find a variety of girls around you: the ones who talk only to their friends(often declared as ”miss attitude” by others),the ones who stay quiet in a classroom, confined to a small group of nerds or girls gossiping group or into the world of books(the miss. “Not So Famous”) even the ones 24x7 with the guys(might be the coquettes or the tomboy kinds) and even the sincere lovebirds who are in a serious relation(confined to her Mr.Right)..
When you have a 100  girls around you, you cannot judge by their looks how they are. Some men might read it and find themselves happy because the girls they know are not the wrong ones. But as matter of fact you see the wrong ones too in your daily life. Another reason for them to be happy are they are not the kinds a mentioned above. I have high respect for the men who respects all the girls equally. I don’t know much about men. Not even the girls. But the above excerpt is what I see in my daily life. These are events that occur and some which I have seen happening to the ones I know. When a girl needs others to say nice about her, all you need to do is maintain a nice habit. Having a little knowledge on the consequences can keep you away from a bad event. Why giving others a chance to point a finger at you??
One can never be bad. Only some characters turn bad and you can correct it on trying. There may be still few who blame you for the way you are. But there are many who love you for what you are. Do  good. If you are sure you are not wrong, there will be no one to question you. The girl who is reading this, trust the fact, you are the best thing that ever happened to your mom and dad. Live your life such that that fact doesn’t change ever.